World premiere · Hans-Henrik Nordstrøm

In the summer of 2020, a new, unknown comet appeared in the northern night sky. Hans-Henrik Nordstrøm's solo organ work 'Neowise' takes its name from this comet. On Wednesday 9 June, the piece will be premiered.

Hans-Henrik Nordstrøm's work for solo organ 'Neowise' will be premiered in Ansgars Kirke in Odense, Denmark on 9 June by organist Tina Christiansen. The piece was composed in 2020 and reflects on the COVID-19 situation while the title draws on inspiration from the infinite universe. 

Hans-Henrik Nordstrøm writes: 

"In the summer of 2020, a new, unknown comet appeared in the northern night sky. It was named after the telescope that made the discovery: Near-Earth Object Wide-field Infrared Survey Explorer or NEOWISE. Neowise was relatively close to Earth and could therefore be observed very clearly, even without the use of binoculars. Fascinating.

At this time, life on Earth was marked by the Covid pandemic, which had characterized the period of time from the month of March and was now culminating in its “first wave”. Covid shaped life on Earth in every way but also put things in perspective in a completely new and unexpected way: On our little planet it changed the conditions of life to some extent, but the appearance of the comet in the mighty, infinite Universe showed that there were conditions of existence out there, which were completely independent of the events on our little Earth. The comet came as a kind of messenger from Outer Space, greeted the Earthlings and then went on into the distance. In 7000 years it will come again if the calculations hold true.

Meanwhile, there are probably different things we humans can think about"

The piece is premiered in Ansgars Kirke at a concert celebrating the 50 years anniversary of the church's organ.

Time and place
Hans-Henrik Nordstrøm: Neowise
Performed by Tina Christiansen
9 June, 17:00
Ansgars Kirke, Odense (DK)