World Premiere · Martin Stauning · After the Party a Feather Floats Beneath the Ceiling

Martin Stauning combines folkloric sawdust and quiet multiphonics in a new piece written for Bellbird Chamber Orchestra.

Photo: Caroline Bittencourt

Martin Stauning's After The Party A Feather Floats Beneath The Ceiling is commissioned by Bellbird Chamber Orchestra, and draws inspiration from a passage in Milan Kundera's novel The Festival of Insignificance.

“A tiny thing fluttering beneath the ceiling; a very small white feather that slowly hovered, floated downward, then upward. Behind the long table covered with platters, bottles, and glasses, Charles stood motionless, his head slightly tilted back, while one after another, the guests, intrigued by his stance, began to follow his gaze.”

The title is based on this tableau: After a party where the table is a mess and the ashtrays overflow, stains from the red wine on the white table cloth and napkins scattered over the chairs, you see a small light thing floating beneath the ceiling, as a contrast to the noise. It is calm after the storm. 

The music in some parts sound like distorted line dancing, folkloric sawdust, attempts at 3-beat skips as at the party yesterday. This contrasted by a "mirror-music" light as a feather where quiet multiphonics and slightly moaning strings bring depth to the sound scape.

Martin Stauning: After The Party A Feather Floats Beneath The Ceiling
Bellbird Chamber Orchestra
Saturday 3 October Domen, Aarhus (DK)
Sunday 4 October SDMK, Esbjerg (DK)