World premiere of Jesper Koch’s Cello Concerto

A brand new cello concerto composed by Jesper Koch is world premiered on Thursday November 3 in the Concert Hall at Alsion, the Southern Jutish culture centre in Sønderborg.

The new cello concerto is dedicated to solo cellist Michaela Fukacová, Southern Jutland Symphony Orchestra and its Chief conductor David Porcelijn who will be premiering the work in company with Schubert’s famous Ninth Symphony, the Great, and Ravel’s Pavane.

“It’s my first solo concerto, so this is very exiting”, says Jesper Koch according to Sønderborg Weekly Newspaper. He explains that “unlike concertos only for orchestra the solo concerto is much more complex, and I’m looking very much forward to hearing the soloist and the orchestra united”.

Jesper Koch’s Cello Concerto has three parts and plays for 25 minutes.