World Premiere of Martin Stauning piece

Thursday August 4th, Martin Stauning’s new piece “Îles en Mer d’Argent” will be premiered by Danish Chamber Players.

Martin Stauning's “Îles en Mer d’Argent” (Islands in a Silver See) can be experienced as various islands of musical activity, separated by static passages. At first glance each island resembles the previous, but due to the separation in time, and small, indistinguishable changes in the material, the piece ends up in a sound world radically different from where it started. During the course of the piece, the musical activity is mirrored in the static passages in various ways like a land mass mirrored in the frozen sea.

The piece is commissioned by Danish Chamber Players (Storstrøms Kammerensemble) on occasion of their 25th anniversary celebrated this year, and they will perform the piece a number of times this summer. 

The world premiere takes place August 4th at Odsherreds Kammermusikfestival at a concert in Hempel Glasmuseum.

On August 7th the piece will be performed in the concert hall of Tivoli, Copenhagen, and August 19th it will be performed at the festival Sommermusik på Fuglsang.