World premiere of new piece by Simon Steen-Andersen at the Munich Biennale

Simon Steen-Andersen's brand new piece “if this then that and now what” will be premiered on the renowned Munich Biennale on May 28th 2016.

Photo: Lars Svankjær
“if this then that and now what” is a music theatre piece for eighteen musicians and four actors moving between theatre, a lecture performance, concert, light show, and installation. Instead of an »in-between« this evening will attempt to be everything simultaneously. In this piece as well as in much of his previous work, Simon Steen-Andersen combines musical and acoustic material with visual elements. The results are compositions where images, movements, and gestures take on a role that is as equally important as the music. 

Simon Steen-Andersen tells about the work:

“I see the project as a translation of my main interests from the last three to four years in a large scenic format, where I will explore the connection between sound and vision.”

Every time a piece by Simon Steen-Andersen is performed, fundamental artistic, technological and score technical groundwork lies behind it. This requires ground breaking innovations from the composer as well as the publisher. 

His unique way of composing has widened and broken the boundaries of music and music theatre, and Edition·S is looking forward to presenting yet another original piece by Simon Steen-Andersen.

The Munich Biennale is an international melting pot for European music and culture. The Biennale is the only festival worldwide exclusively presenting world premieres of new music theatre works. The Biennale was established in 1988 by the German composer Hans Werner Henze. The artistic directors of this year’s festival are Daniel Ott and Manos Tsangaris.

“if this then that and now what” World Premiere 
Philharmonisches Staatsorchester Mainz
Saturday May 28th, 9pm
Carl Orf Hall / Gasteig, München, Germany
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