World Premiere of Oration

Line Tjørnhøj describes her chamber opera Oration as "a speech for humanity. Oration gives a unique description of the human experience and the love and hate, hope and despair, suffering and joy we see in our lifetimes."

A native of Denmark, Ms. Tjørnhøj is a composer, sound-artist, and performer. Since 1995 she has composed for theater, dance, musicals, and radio and TV presentations. Her work with voices and sounds crosses the borders of style, tradition, expression and aesthetics, and her many interests include working in the areas of jazz, ethnic music, Bulgarian womens' voices, and throat singers. A member of the Danish Composers Society, her works include Antigone, performed in NY in 1996; I sing the body electric, performed by Den Anden Opera in Copenhagen; and Anorexia Sacra (for 6 voices, double bass and live processed stage sounds), also performed in Copenhagen.

The world premiere of Oration takes place on July 26 and 27, 2013 at the Cell Theatre in New York and features an excellent cast and creative team:
Cast: Alexandra Chernyshova, Marshall Coid, Leanne Gonzalez Singer, Barbara Le May, Gabriel Munro, and Kate Oberjat

Stage Director   Jeremy Bloom
Music Director  Lidiya Yankovskaya
Scenic Director   Brian Rady
Stage Manager   Mackenzie Meeks
Lighting Designer   Christopher Weston

Following the premiere, guests are invited to a wine reception at which time they will be able to meet the participants and discuss this fine opera.

Oration is made possible with the generous support from Danish Composers' Society / KODA's Fund for Social and Cultural Purposes and the Consulate General of Denmark, New York.