World premiere of piece by Nordstrøm

Hans-Henrik Nordstrøm’s ”Musica dell’Acqua” (Music to the Water) (2016) will be premiered 24 November by Ensemble Ex Novo.

”Musica dell’Acqua” is written for flute, clarinet, violin & violoncello. The piece was commissioned by Ensemble Ex Novo for the Festival Ex Nova Musica in Venice, and Nordstrøm lets the location of the world premiere play a part in the piece.

Hans-Henrik Nordstrøm says about the piece: “Since Venice is a city of water it was obvious to give it a title which includes the element of water… The rest is solely left to your imagination, dear audience”.

The concert takes place 24 November at 8pm in Gran Teatro La Finice, Sale Apollinee in Venezia.