World Premiere of Rune Glerup's New Piece

On Saturday the 14th Rune Glerup’s “Clarinet Quintet - Still leaning toward this Machine” was given a succesful world premiere in Orléans (FR)


The piece was premiered by clarinetist Alain Billard and Quatour Diotima with electronics by IRCAM's Thomas Goepfer.

Rune Glerup describes how his discovery of Pierre Boulez’ Second Piano Sonata during his teenage years made a lasting impression on him. In this he heard something completely different – which has proven to be important for how he now thinks about music. Thus, as an hommage to Boulez, Rune Glerup in his clarinet quintet takes a short quote from Boulez's piece and transforms it into his own style of writing.

While not a postmodern collage, Clarinet Quintet – Still leaning toward this Machine also contains references from sources as diverse as Brahms, Lachenmann, and Charles Bukowski (whose poem the title of the piece is a paraphrase of).

On the 12th and 13th of July, Quatour Diotima and Alain Billiard will perform the piece at Hindsgavl Festival in Denmark. Read more about the festival here.