World premiere of solo piece by Fuzzy

We have reached the final piece in the series of this season's 4'33 Phil. Fuzzy's solo flute piece is premiered Friday 23 March.

Foto: Lars Svankjær

The cherry on top of the second season of 4'33 Phil is Fuzzy's piece written for Kristina Ersson. Fuzzy says about the piece:

"4 MINUTES & 33 SECONDS" FOR KRISTINA AND HER GOLDEN FLUTE" is a short, fabulating piece for solo flute, where the music moves from one state to another as in a chain of association. The duration given by Copenhagen Phil, 4 minutes and 33 seconds, has been challenging and fun, and it has been inspiring to work with Kristina Ersson in the process of creating the piece. I am almost sorry that the commission wasn't for 14 minutes and 33 seconds."

The collaboration between Edition·S and Copenhagen Phil about the series 4'33 Phil has so far resulted in the following works:
Li-Ying Wu: 'Profeti' written for Idinna Lützhøft, violin
Rachel Yatzkan: 'Ethnisica' written for Giovanni Punzi, clarinet
Ylva Lund Bergner: 'B-so-R' written for Benjamin Fox, percussion 
Ejnar Kanding: 'Schichtstruktur' written for Richard Krug, cello
Jexper Holmen: 'Inflict' written for Jákup Lützen, viola
Martin Stauning: ‘Somniloquy I’ written for Signe Haugland, basoon
Line Tjørnhøj: 'IR' written for Martin Reinhardt, bass trombone
Simon Christensen: 'Fluctuate Only' written for Birgitte Lindum, English horn
Mette Nielsen: 'Under vandspejlet' written for Olle Davidson, double bass
Fuzzy: '4 Minutes & 33 Seconds for Kristina and her Golden Flute' written for Kristina Ersson, flute

We are looking forward to return with 4'33 Phil season 3 in the fall.

Fuzzy: 4 Minutes & 33 Seconds for Kristina and her Golden Flute
Friday 23 March, 19:30
Concert Hall, The Royal Danish Academy of Music, Copenhagen
Performed by Kristina Ersson