World premiere of TUSK by Line Tjørnhøj

Line Tjørnhøj's street opera TUSK will premiere on May 7th.

Through a montage of quotes spanning from ancient philosophy to contemporary daily life scenarios, the opera tells a fundamental tale of life, love and death.

TUSK is written for Aarhus Symphony Orchestra, The Vocal Group Concert Clemens and Jægergårdsgade in Aarhus, and the opera will literally play out through the whole street. The roughly 100 participating musicians and singers will be placed in the shop windows, private apartments, rooftop terraces and in doorways.

In TUSK, a big musical experience is brought to street level, and the well known, symphonic sound will be fragmented. Everyone will have an individual experience of the work with each their own dynamic and point of view, depending on whether you take a seat in front of the tuba, stand next to the conductor or choose to stroll up and down the street. 

The presentation of TUSK is part of AUT’s 50th anniversary, which is celebrated throughout 2016.

Read more about TUSK here.