World premieres at SPOR festival

SPOR festival 2021 takes place 8-11 September in Aarhus, and the programme features - among other things - an opera, a solo performance and a portrait of an ensemble.

Christian Winther Christensen: Eating a Man
Christian Winther Christensen and stage director Anna Berit Asp Christensen embark on a musical and personal voyage exploring the concept of “the unknown/alien”. The investigation takes its starting point in Christian Winther Christensen’s 10-year-old mocumentary-work ’The Documentation About Apu Sakar’. In this work, Christian agrees to eat an Indian man after his death. The purpose of the ritual is to honour the deceased by letting his spirit live on through consumption.

Now, ten years later, the work has been re-composed and new questions have emerged: questions about the symbolic meaning of cannibalism, honourable cultural exchange and the concept of feeling strange or alien.

8 September 19:30
9 September 17:00
Performed by SCENATET
Godsbanen Aarhus (DK)
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Mads Emil Dreyer: LYS 6 
Mads Emil Dreyer is co-founder of the ensemble NEKO3, and his piece LYS 6 is premiered at SPOR festival together with five other pieces written specifically for NEKO3. Put together the six pieces become a versatile portrait of NEKO3 as an ensemble, as artists, and as human beings.

9 September 19:30
Godsbanen Aarhus (DK)
Performed by NEKO3
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Martin Stauning (Photo: Gorm Branderup)
Martin Stauning (Photo: Gorm Branderup)

Martin Stauning: Kiebelmacher's Quarters
In Martin Stauning’s performance piece Kiebelmacher's Quarters he has become his own instrument. The score is written for his own body; in a pocket of time and sound, he appears as his remarkable alter ego, Kiebelmacher. A character that perhaps mirrors aspects of ourselves that we never quite manage to understand, and an investigation of the subtle universe of everyday sounds.

11 September 13:00 & 15:00
Ungdomskulturhuset Aarhus (DK)
Performed by Martin Stauning
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