Worsaae CD release and portrait concert

Nicolai Worsaae’s ‘Wesenheit ab Wesenheit’ and ’WaWV’ has been recorded by FIGURA Ensemble and Signe Asmussen. On September 24 both works will be performed at a portrait concert in Copenhagen.

'Wesenheit ab Wesenheit' album cover by Denise Burt
Nicolai Worsaae wrote 'Wesenheit ab Wesenheit' (2011) and 'WaWV' (2014) for FIGURA Ensemble, and now both works are featured on a record released at Dacapo Records.

The inspiration for the works spring from the poems ‘Isolationsdigte’ (Isolation Poems)  written by German Jörg Meyer, who during the late 70’s was imprisoned for espionage for the DDR in Denmark, and confined to isolation in a Danish prison. Worsaae’s father was prison chaplain and, in this way, met Meyer who sat in isolation without trial and waited for a ruling for nearly a year.

Worsaae has composed with the ascetic space of the isolation cell in mind, and his music is characterised by his fascination with concrete sounds and alternative playing techniques. Wesenheit ab Wesenheit is written for soprano, voice and chamber ensemble, and in WaWV from 2014 Meyer’s own recitation is mixed with instruments, concrete electronic sounds, and a song voice.

The booklet of the CD includes quotes from the poems, and a text by Henrik Friis:

Night’s dreams
in innocent green
I long.

(From Griet’s tree, WaWV. Sounds: pulsating deep noises, high-pitched and frail notes from strings and clarinet, high soprano voice, creakings, shoves and puffs, a humming pure chord)

The four lines end the last poem on the album, Griet’s tree, in which madness in its pure green shade of sound has become total. Here a C major chord flows in and out of the sound-picture, while it alternates between being in and out of tune: “The chord is like a state. After having been in isolation for a long while, one goes mad,” as Worsaae formulates it.

After the portrait concert Edition·S and Dacapo Records will serve a glass of wine to celebrate the record release, and there will be a short artist talk with Nicolai Worsaae and clarinet player Anna Klett.

24 September, 20:00
KoncertKirken, Copenhagen (DK)
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