Worsaae journeys to the underworld in new opera Downfall

Copenhagen · ‘Downfall’ (Nedstigning), Nicolai Worsaae’s opera about Eurydice and Orpheus, will be world premiered at the Royal Danish Opera next week, playing at the intimate Takkelloftet scene 26-30 September.

Nicolai Worsaae. © Niels Magnússon

‘A journey to the underworld and back again’, the subtitle of Nicolai Worsaae’s opera ‘Downfall’ (2017, Nedstigning) reads.

The opera, based on the tragic fate of Greek mythology’s Eurydice and Orpheus, brings Worsaae’s fragile and highly nuanced music to life with traditional as well as modern instruments – performed by FIGURA Ensemble.

Greek mythology tells the story of how the young nymph Eurydice dies on her wedding day after being bit by a serpent and has to journey alone to the underworld Hades. Her beloved Orpheus is devastated by grief, but decides to follow his love, hoping that his song will appease the gods and release Eurydice from the eternal darkness of the underworld.

In ‘Downfall’ the myth becomes a story of grief and parting leading up to the inevitable but also redeeming ending.

Nicolai Worsaae: Downfall
26-30 September | The Royal Danish Theater, Takkelloftet
FIGURA Ensemble: Nana Bugge Rasmussen (mezzo-soprano), Teit Kanstrup (baritone), Anna Klett (clarinet), Jesper Egelund (double bass), Frans Hansen (percussion), Gunnhild Tønder (clavichord), Idinna Lützhøft (violin)
Marc van der Velden (director), Julie Maj Jakobsen (librettist)
70 minutes
Tickets: 260 DKK