Ylva Lund Bergner receives Swedish chamber music prize

Ylva Lund Bergner is the recipient of Swedens largest chamber music prize Järnåkerstipendiet 2017.

The prize of 100.000 Swedish kroner is given out every year for a notable chamber music piece written by a Swedish composer within the past 10 years. Ylva Lund Bergner is awarded for her piece Achenar from 2013.

The jury explains the choice of Ylva Lund Bergner’s Achenar:  

"The jury decided upon the composition Achenar (for Violin, Paetzold flute & Object player) composed in 2013. In our view, it is a work that exhibits sonic imagination coupled with precision in its notational aspects. A unique sound world that is capable of lyricism and instrumental invention, a composition that reveals substance through its very materiality as it unfolds in time."

Achenar will be performed at the festival Svensk Musikvår 2018 in Stockholm 19 March by the ensemble Faint Noise who commissioned the piece in 2013.

The Swedish Composers' society spoke to Lund Bergner about the piece:

"It is a very personal piece since the ensemble wanted it to build on a memory. My point of departure was some strong memories connected to a place that meant a lot to me as a child: An abandoned fruit garden. [...] For the piece 'Achenar' I used sound that reminded me of the abandoned fruit garden, like pebbles and stones, dry leaves and branches, water and air and much more."

Read the whole interview here. 

Järnåkerstipendiet is given by The Saltö Foundation managed by The Royal Swedish Academy of Music and The Swedish Society of Composers.

Monday 19 March 12:00
Faint Noise
Svensk Musikvår
Konserthuset, Stockholm (SE)
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