Music for ballet and contemporary dance

The selection of music for ballet in the Edition·S catalogue comprises works composed from the 1920's to the 1990's by composers such as Knudåge Riisager, Ludolf Nielsen and Mogens Winkel Holm.

Knudåge Riisager (1897-1974) is known as one of his generation’s leading composers - particularly as a writer of music for ballets. Riisager began in 1928 with the scandalous ballet Benzin (“Petrol”), with scenography by Robert Storm Petersen.  A later work such as Månerenen (“The Moon Reindeer”) has its own distinctive Nordic sound, clearly revealing the composer’s fascination with Sámi and Greenlandic myths and rituals, which form the basis of the content of the ballet.

Ludolf Nielsen's (1876-1939) Lackschmi is inspired by an Indian legend - a colorful and dramatic love story. The ballet was premiered at The Royal Danish Theatre in 1922 and played there for three seasons. 

Mogens Winkel Holm (1936-1999) oeuvre covered all genres, but especially ballet took up his attention; he was thus in charge of choreography and production of lots of his own works at the Royal Theatre as well as Danish and Swedish television in the period between 1964 and 84.