Wood Works


The Danish String Quartet is a classical string quartet with a passion for Nordic folk music. They’ve brought their unique arrangements of Scandinavian folk tunes to the concert stage and recorded them on a highly successful CD. Now, due to popular demand, sheet music of these meticulously crafted arrangments is being made available for the first time in a carefully prepared edition. We hope you enjoy it.

Digital Distribution 
If you want to purchase the digital edition (PDF) through our webshop, please select the PDF option in the shipping section at checkout. Download links will be available in the downloads section of your profile on our site as soon as we have received your payment. 

Print Edition
The beautiful print edition, printed on high quality paper, can be yours for just the price of postage over and above the cost of the digital version. It can be ordered directly through our webshop with a reduced price when ordering the score and parts together. The print edition can also be ordered by sending an email to sales@edition-s.dk.    

Wood Works – The Complete Collection 

Score: DKK 250,- 
Parts: DKK 320,- 
Score & Parts: DKK 500,- (Save DKK 70)

Bridal Trilogy:

Score: DKK 100,- 
Parts:  DKK 150,- 
Score & Parts: DKK 200,- (Save DKK 50)

Individual Titles:

Score: DKK 50,-
Parts: DKK 80,-
Score & Parts: DKK 100,- (Save DKK 30)

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Frederik Øland, Asbjørn Nørgaard, Fredrik Sjölin and Rune Tonsgaard Sørensen
Frederik Øland, Asbjørn Nørgaard, Fredrik Sjölin and Rune Tonsgaard Sørensen

We are first and foremost a classical string quartet, we spend most of our time playing music by masters such as Beethoven and Bartok. Alongside this repertoire though, we’ve been digging into the roots of our local music tradition – Nordic folk music. For us traditional Nordic folk music is unique. It may reflect a different, simpler time, but we find this music incredibly relevant and meaningful to play. For several years, we experimented with bringing this music to the concert stage as a classical string quartet. 

In September 2013 we decided to spend a week in the Danish countryside arranging and recording a handful of our favourite tunes. The setup was simple: we had no recording label, no long term plan, and we just barely managed to cover the costs via a crowdfunding campaign. Following the completion of recording, we sent it to Dacapo Records, and they liked what they heard. Wood Works became a reality!

It is hard for us to believe that this project would go so far. We have performed the music from Wood Works in venues all over the world, from traditional folk music festivals and alternative clubs to the most distinguished classical venues and concert halls imaginable. We have performed it on television and radio programs in several countries, Starbucks is presently rotating the album in their coffee shops and there’s talk about using the music on the soundtrack of a Nordic-themed computer game. 

Over time, we’ve received numerous requests to publish our arrangements. It took us a while to gather all the scraps of paper together, but we are now proud to present the sheet music for the arrangements of Wood Works –  including an extra bonus tune. 

Feel free to dig in! We hope you will enjoy these wonderful tunes as much as we do.