H.C. Lumbye


H. C. Lumbye was a composer and conductor. As a child he became a military musician, but soon he made himself a name as a composer and conductor of dance music. He was conductor at the Tivoli Concert Hall from its opening in 1843. Lumbye's music - on a par with the great Viennese composers Strauss and Lanner - is still unabatedly popular not only in Scandinavia, but also abroad where he is considered the 'Strauss of the North'. His works include stage music and ballets (in co-operation with Bournonville), about 700 dances, orchestral phantasies, and songs.

Available Works

  1. Telegraph-Galop

    1844 • H.C. Lumbye


    4 minutes

    Symphony orchestra and wind orchestra: +

  2. Maritana

    1847 • H.C. Lumbye


  3. Dronning Louise Vals

    1868 • H.C. Lumbye


    5 minutes

  4. Danse Suite nr. 1

    1869 • H.C. Lumbye


    14 minutes

  5. Concert-Polka for 2 violiner

    1863 • H.C. Lumbye


    4 minutes

    2 violins solo +

  6. Champagner Galop

    1845 • H.C. Lumbye


    4 minutes

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