Save 20% on selected works for solo organ

The Edition·S catalogue features a great selection of works for solo organ ranging from the complete organ works by J.P.E. Hartmann covering six decades of Danish music history in the 19th century to completely contemporary compositions by young composers.

A remarkable classic in the organ literature is Carl Nielsen's Commotio about which the composer himself wrote:  "I myself think it is my most accomplished work". It will quickly become apparent to anyone who wishes to play Commotio that the work demands a quite accomplished performer as well.

The most productive Danish organ composer of the 20th century is Leif Kayser, who is represented with a great number of works in the Edition·S catalogue. In 2019, marking the would be 100th birthday of Leif Kayser, Edition·S published a special edition of his organ works. 

Ib Nørholm has an extensive oeuvre, and influenced Danish music for centuries. He played the organ since the age of 15 and worked as an organist for more than 30 years. His Partita for solo organ is included in the Edition·S catalogue.

Svend Hvidtfelt Nielsen's Organ Toccata has its stylistic point of departure in the free fabulating form of the buxtehudian toccata. The piece derives from Hvidtfelt’s Toccata for organ solo and symphony orchestra, premiered with the composer himself as soloist.

Flemming Friis wrote Dances Under the Open Skies for the anniverary of the church in Gurre, Denmark. He premiered the work himself on the organ in Gurre which is inspired by the French romantic organ building.

Latvian-born Indra Rise wrote Spectrum a short time before the fall of the Soviet Union, reflecting the uncertainty of that time. 

Hans-Henrik Nordstrøm's Neowise was composed in 2020 and reflects on the COVID-pandemic while the title draws on inspiration from the infinite universe. Neowise is the name of a previously unknown comet that appeared in the northern night sky in 2020.

Morten Ladehoff combines complex polymetric textures and intense repetitions in his Points d'Orgue. As a composer and organist he presents an entirely new look on tradition in the musical universes he creates. 

Jexper Holmen’s music seems to be infused with the energy of punk and postpunk rock – an energy based on brutal, ecstatic impulses. Mega Ketos should be played with a heavy and sustained expression.

Kasper Rofelt's Trichotomy is written as an homage to Per Nørgård. Among other aspects, the rhythmic freedom that gradually emerges throughout the passacaglia, paired with the use of trills, is inspired by Nørgård

In the more experimental department, Niels Lyhne Løkkegaard translates the numbers of NemID-keycards (a security measure when logging into private and public digital platforms) into music in Personfølsom Musik (Personal Sensitive Music). In GESTALT MINIMAL; V Greta Eacott deals with expanded notions of rhythm with continued pulsing notes gradually increasing and decreasing in speed.

Find all these and many more organ works for concert or church service in the Edition·S catalogue.