Being Apu Sarkar

Alto saxophone, piano and percussion
2-8 instr
B4, 16 pages


The work is composed for saxophone, piano and percussion and is an independent composition which nevertheless can be incorporated in Christian Winther Christensen’s opera, the 'false documentary': Documentation about Apu Sarkar. Briefly told the opera is centered around the composer Christian Winther Christensen who has to eat an Indian. The first part is a conversation between Winther Christensen and the Indian Abu Sarkar, who is terminally ill. The agreement is that Winther Christensen will eat Abu Sarkar after his death and in this way take on his characteristics. In the second part of the opera the Indian is eaten. The situation unfolded in Being Apu Sarkar is the communion – just before the transformation of the Indian begins. Henrik Friis reviewed the work 22 May, 2010 in the Danish newspaper Politiken: “A young man and the young woman in his company drink two large glasses of red wine, while playing intermittently on the glasses with their fingers. It gradually forms into a piece of music with deeper and deeper tones as the glasses are emptied while another young man with a soft military cap coaxes some correspondingly deep tones out of the piano. [...] this sophisticated play, which appears as crystal clear minimalistic music, is his work Being Apu Sarkar. A strange trip, but completely musical in all its simplicity and challenging originality. And on top of it all - funny.”

Review Politiken 05.11.2012 (DK)



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