Concerto for a Movie Loop

(2012) perc/archi
Solo(s) + Symphony orchestra
B4, 41 pages


The work Concerto for a Movie Loop is written for orchestra, piano and projection. On the screen Christian Winther Christensen playing the theme from the C minor prelude Op. 3, No. 2 by Rachmaninov is projected. Winther Christensen calls it a “cliche concerto” because he mixes cliches from both new music and the noise aesthetic that, amongst others, is inspired by Helmut Lachenmann. The orchestra continuously plays alongside the pianist in loops that each last a minute or so but are constantly changing, which is also a characteristic of the work's cliches. Noise elements gradually take over from the regular sounds of the instruments as the piece develops, with the composer placing focus on non-musically created sounds concretised from the sounds of various physical movements in the final section of the work - for example the sound of the composer sitting down on the piano stool.


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