Textures & Mosaics, Vol. 1

Ejnar Kanding
Clarinet, percussion, piano, violin, violoncello & live-electronics
2-8 instr
B4, 43 pages


Textures & Mosaics is designed as a series of independent pieces of varying formation, which performed together will constitute a complete entity. The ambient, static, and aspects of gradual change are explored. The ‘texture’ pieces focus on long extended lines in a multi-layered structure. The ‘mosaics’ revolve around isolated fragments that can reoccur in different surroundings or exist individually as a formal idea (mosaic form). All the pieces have complex textures.

Volume 1 contains Texture 1, Mosaico 1, Mosaico 4, Texture 4, and Mosaico 5, which are also available individually.

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Music drama and stage music


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