The Afterlife of Li Jiantong

Liu Sola
Theatrical tunes to a true story
Soprano, mezzo soprano, bass, recorder, harp and percussion
A4, 297 pages

Theatre of Voices Edition is a publishing initiative founded by and under the artistic leadership of the singer and conductor Paul Hillier. Each publication is prepared carefully to meet the standards of professional choir singers and conductors of the 21st century.

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A true story background:
“My mother Li Jiantong was a writer of political history who was highly respected by many people in China. Her first book, published in the 60s, was criticized by Mao and subsequently banned. During the Cultural Revolution she was investigated, jailed and sent off to work in the fields. After my father passed away she isolated herself for 14 years. I was the favourite child, but my life was the exact opposite of hers. I avoided politics and turned away from my music conservatory training to become a rock musician and a ‘lost generation’ writer. The true communication between us started after her death...”


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