Rachel Yatzkan
String quartet
2-8 instr
A4, 17 pages


“What drew me in when composing A-Bio-Genesis was the thought of how life arises and how organisms can reproduce themselves. Nobody knows the answer, but in my compositorial imaginative world, I am 4.7 billion years back in time – right in the middle of the repulsive primordial soup that existed on earth before the atmosphere was created.

In this soup, phosphate, ammonia, light, and heat existed, and when unruly electricity hit the soup polymer, RNA, and DNA was created as well as 20 out of the 22 proteins that created life itself. But what about the last 2? Some think small beings were created in the warm, calm environment under water just above the volcanic crater. Others think life arrived on meteoroids, like a present sent for earth.

When life was finally created, only single cell creatures existed, swimming around, and to be honest I don't imagine them to be very charming – as you can hear – but they were the only life to survive the nearly 3 billion years. There is no time notated in the music, and I wrote the different 'chains of proteins' and their reproduction as a parallel relationship, without knowing which one to place first and in that way they found each other and their place on their own. The last part of A-Bio-Genesis transforms into a melody and harmony, a shift in focus from the living material to the essence of a living being.” Rachel Yatzkan 2020


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