5-star album review · Jesper Koch

The magazine KLASSISK calls Jesper Koch's choral work a potential modern classic.

"This is interesting: a new, large, coherent and thoroughly worked out choral work with the potential to become a modern classic."

The Danish magazine KLASSISK brings a five-star review of Jesper Koch's 'Korbogen/Choirbook' recorded by The Danish National Vocal Ensemble conducted by Flemming Windekilde and released by Dacapo Records. 

"The music is obviously contemporary but is also experienced as firmly attached to Danish nature and tradition [...] There are many homophonic passages with a hint of a Danish romantic tradition but also sensitive declamations and polyphonic passages with up to eight different parts."

 The review also praises The Danish National Vocal Ensemble: "Choirbook is performed very beautifully and with expert understanding by the Danish National Vocal Ensemble conducted by Flemming Windekilde. They sing with a calm and focused sound and a spotless intonation, even when the harmonies are complicated".

Korbogen by Jesper Koch is a suite for a capella choir in seven chapters, each with its own title and distinctive identity. The pieces have been written to poems by Frank Kjørup and are strongly influenced by the Danish-Nordic choral tradition.