1. Great review for Gísladóttir


    Great review for Gísladóttir

    3. December 2021

    "Everything about it was elemental, eternal, indomitable." - The music blog 5:4 reviews Bára Gísladóttir's 'Animals of your pasture'.

  2. Praise for Rønsholdt


    Praise for Rønsholdt

    29. November 2021

    Two Niels Rønsholdt albums were released in November just one week apart, and as different as they are, both albums are receiving great reviews

  3. 5-star album review · Jesper Koch


    5-star album review · Jesper Koch

    20. September 2021

    The magazine KLASSISK calls Jesper Koch's choral work a potential modern classic.

  4. Reviews · KLANG Festival 2021


    Reviews · KLANG Festival 2021

    2. June 2021

    Reviews · KLANG Festival 2021