Edition·S at KLANG 2023

KLANG Festival 2023 takes place in Copenhagen 1-10 June. The programme overflows with works by composers collaborating with Edition·S.

Browse through selected performances below, or find the full festival programme here.

1/6 Opening Concert - Athelas Sinfonietta
Athelas Sinfonietta kicks off KLANG festival 2023 with an opening concert in The Black Diamond. The programme includes the world premiere of Jexper Holmen's SINFONELLA, which the composer describes as head-on and hard-hitting: "The music is completely atonal and also very disharmonic, except for the parts where everyone plays in unison. The atonal is a goal in itself: every single structure in the work – chord, figure or the like – appears in all twelve chromatic transpositions, prompting no sense of tonality."

More information about the concert here.
More information about Jexper Holmen's piece here.

The Danish guitar sextet, CRAS Ensemble, invited a composer from each of the Nordic countries to create a joint work. Pernille Louise Sejlund's contribution to the work is a meditative piece called Stringing the Beads. 

More information about the concert here.
More information about Pernille Louise Sejlund's piece here.

3/6 Educate·S at KLANG in KU.BE
True to tradition KLANG in KU.BE sets the scene for a concert where young musicians perform pieces from the publication series Educate·S. The concert follows a workshop facilitated by composer and teacher Østen Mikal Ore.

More information about the concert here.
More information about Educate·S here.

3/6 + 4/6 Uspået Frugt
Uspået Frugt is a symbiosis between movement, sound and people created by composer and instrument builder Lars Kynde and actor and performance artist Gertrud Exner. The piece is developed and performed in collaboration with 8 children aged 11-16.

More information about the concert here.
More information about Lars Kynde here.

Simon Løffler (Photo: Alexander Banck-Petersen)
Simon Løffler (Photo: Alexander Banck-Petersen)

3/6 Oslo Sinfonietta - The Neon Forest
At the concert, The Neon Forest, Oslo Sinfonietta will premiere Simon Løffler's work F.O.W.L. with an unusual array of instruments that includes, among other things, swung whistles, double bass, gaffa-taped shoes, saxophone and a battery-driven drill. "The idea is that you start in a kind of disparate tutti crowd, where everyone plays together. I imagine a fowl, a big odd flock of cackling individuals, and in each movement, there is a creature that runs off and goes solo," Løffler says about the piece. 

More information about the concert here.
More information about Simon Løffler's F.O.W.L. here.

3/6 Rudersdal Kammersolister - Hørt! Hørt!
The concert Hørt! Hørt! is curated by Jexper Holmen, and includes his own piece [im’pækt]vb that purposefully builds a sense of desperation approaching the grotesque. The program also includes the world premiere of Ylva Lund Bergner's work ...ed Ombra (Ombra e Luce ed Ombra), a play with musical shadows, contrasts between light and dark and the symbolism of colours

More information about the concert here.
More information about Ylva Lund Bergner here.

Press photo from Lasse Schwanenflügel Piasecki: <i>Vil du med til Janus?</i>
Press photo from Lasse Schwanenflügel Piasecki: Vil du med til Janus?

4/6 + 6/6 + 8/6 Lasse Schwanenflügel Piasecki: Vil du med til Janus?
Lasse Schwanenflügel Piasecki's operetta movie Vil du med til Janus? is a film that, with a mixture of great intensity and satirical absurdity, leaves behind stereotypical gender perceptions and system-preserving power relations. Vil du med til Janus? takes place on a distant small planet, where female separatists have realized that the male gender is destructive by nature and must be controlled at an institutional level. The men are kept as breeding animals, while the women of the matriarchy wait impatiently for the chosen one to become sexually mature.

More information about the movie here.
More information about Lasse Schwanenflügel Piasecki here.

5/6 Norrbotten NEO: Nattens Vuggevise
The concert, Nattens Vuggevise (The Lullaby of the Night), includes Christian Winther Christensen's Nachtmusik, where the experience of the night's intensity is at play. In the winter night's massive silence and dense snow, Winther Christensen found inspiration for an explosive, Mozart-inspired "sturm und drang".

More information about the concert here.
More information about Christian Winther Christensen here.

5/6 Open Form / Jonas Frølund
In collaboration with Open Form Festival, KLANG festival presents a concert for the eyes as well as the ears, featuring the clarinet virtuoso, Jonas Frølund. The pieces performed are all accompanied by projected graphic notations, including Keys by Laura Toxværd.

More information about the concert here.
More information about Laura Toxværd here.

7/6 Open Form / Ensemble concert
At this open form concert, the audience is presented with works of graphic notation in various formats. In the pieces by Henrik E. Rasmussen, algorithmic systems dictate the development of music and demonstrate how classical compositional virtues in the form of formal structures can live on in a renewed form.

More information about the concert here.
More information about Henrik E. Rasmussen here.

Greta Eacott  (Photo: Roberto Bordiga)
Greta Eacott  (Photo: Roberto Bordiga)

9/6 Copenhagen Clarinet Choir: Space(s) Between
Greta Eacott's Space(s) Between is a kind of hybrid that approaches both a musical performance and a theatrical, dramatic work without, however, completely defining itself as any of the above. Central to the work is its exploration of space as musical material, which is specifically expressed through the use of amplification and movement as an extension of the acoustic instruments. By varying the distance between the clarinet and the microphone, the musicians engage in a unique interaction with the space around them. And it is here, among other things, in the sensitive interaction with the space between the musicians – the Space(s) Between – that the ensemble's talent for improvisation can truly flourish.

More information about the concert here.
More information about Greta Eacott here.