Edition·S composers at evening of Danish music

Tonight sees surely one of the most exciting concerts in Copenhagen this year celebrating the 100-year jubilee of the Danish Composers Society. From 8pm, Den Grå Hal, Christiania, will host a unique showcase of contemporary Danish music encompassing everything from newly-invented instruments, the toy piano, the experimental group DYGONG, to the Copenhagen Phil.

Edition·S composers feature throughout the evening’s programme with piano-based works ranging from a ‘cliché concerto’ where stereotypical elements of Rachmaninov’s piano music and ‘new music’ itself are juxtaposed in what is Christian Winther Christensen’s Concerto for a Movie Loop, to an excerpt of Rune Glerup’s Concerto for Piano and Orchestra. In addition, the Stockholm subway-inspired orchestra work Zugendlos by Nicolai Worsaae sits alongside music by fellow DYGONG member Regin Petersen.