Flashback Friday November 2

It is a Wunderful day in Copenhagen today, just the right vibe to guide you through a flashback. This week has certainly been a week of a zillion great performances – we are of cause referring to the Wundergrund Festival.

The festival started last Friday with a night that only can be described as an imaginative fairytale at the old Glyptotek in Copenhagen. The true grandmaster of electronic music Fuzzy made a co-performance with younger musician Bjørn Svin. Two generations melted together during the performance under the velvet ceiling and the spectrum of colours.


The following evening offered yet another pioneer of the world of electronic music; Else Marie Pade performed together with Jacob Kirkegaard the premiere of their joint piece “Svævninger”. Again the festival theme of bringing generations together created a unique universe of sound.

If you where unable to attend these performances you can read all about them in the online music magazine Seismograf here.

Tuesday evening Literaturhaus invited the people of Wundergrund into a room of high ceilings and high expectations. The house was fully packed and the atmosphere was boiling.


It was another bulletproof performance of Rune Glerup’s piece Objets/Decalages that resulted in a massive applause and it was most certainly a work that stood out of the rest of trio’s repertoire for the evening. A big three folded salute from Editions–music¬sound¬art to Rune, Trio Garmán and Wundergrund Festival. 

Speaking of goodies, the weekend is approaching and it is overloaded with great offers for you to enjoy. Even if you are staying in bed you can relax while reading the newly published book “The Ecstatic Outsider” about the legendary composer Rued Langgaard written by Bendt Viinholt Nielsen.

If you, on the other hand, are considering leaving your comfortable bed and happen to be in Copenhagen, we hope to see you at Wundergrund’s Final Party at Toldboden in Copenhagen where percussionist Ying Hsueh-Chen, will perform Edition·S composer Christian Winther Christensen’s work Being Apu Sakar. Another great opportunity to grab a coat and a cap is the Danish Define Festival. Here Simon Steen-Andersen’s pieces RunTime Error and Ouvertures will be performed by South Jutland Symphony Orchestra. Read more about Define Festival here.

Have a great weekend!

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Hush Hush - We heard some rumours about the famous composer Rune Glerup giving an exclusive interview right before the performance of his piece this Tuesday – that sounds interesting, right? Make sure to stay tuned for further information.