Glerup, Løffler and C.W. Christensen ready for Hindsgavl

Hindsgavl Festival, Denmark · Rune Glerup’s new piano trio, a Simon Løffler portrait concert and Christian Winther Christensen’s “Pre-Air on the G String” will make this another interesting edition of the Hindsgavl Festival.

Hindsgavl Castle. Photo: Nikolaj Lund

The 49th edition of the Hindsgavl Festival in the middle of Denmark is about to begin. This year, when not taking a swim in the nearby ocean or jogging in the forest, guests at the Hindsgavl Castle on Fuhnen will get an opportunity to hear works by three Edition·S composers.

Tuesday, 11 July, 22:30: a late-night portrait concert of Simon Løffler, who recently became the latest composer to be represented by Edition·S. Løffler himself will join David Hildebrandt and Matias Seibæk on stage to perform b (2012) and e (2017) – both of which make use of neon lights – plus a surprise.

Saturday, 15 July, 20:00: The Hindsgavl Nordic Chamber Ensemble (DK/N/S) will begin the concert by playing J.S. Bach’s Air on the G String, to be followed by Christian Winther Christensen’s Pre-Air on the G String (2013), originally scored for string orchestra. The concert will be repeated on Sunday, 11 July, at 15:00 in Tivoli Gardens, Copenhagen.

Monday, 17 July, 15:30: Trio con Brio Copenhagen will perform Niels W. Gade’s Piano Trio in F Major, which will be followed by the world premiere of Rune Glerup’s Six Movements for Piano Trio (2017), commissioned by Trio con Brio Copenhagen and the Hindsgavl Festival.