Rune Glerup


The composer Rune Glerup (b. 1981) goes in search of strange, almost absurd situations in music. “There is always something incredibly freeing and beautiful with something that goes really wrong; when the musical situation tips over or short-circuits”, says the composer. Among the absurd, at times almost violent situations, a special kind of beauty appears once in a while.

In 2008, with the trio objets/décalages, Glerup unfolded the idea of “musical objects” thoroughly. He had previously made moves in this direction with, for instance, the work La Rose pulvérisée, but without the same degree of consequence. Compositionally it meant that he more or less did away with descriptive elements, in particular dynamic forms, in favour of musical objects. Objects are almost physical things in themselves: a phrase that doesn’t change, a section that is constant and doesn’t gradually become something else. When first he has created his objects, he can compose with them as he wishes. For Glerup the point with musical objects is to underline something concrete in the music. He would like to present music as something purely physical that isn’t a reference carrier for a narrative for example. For Glerup music is not a phenomenon that expresses something which can also be said in other ways. Music is a phenomenon that expresses something which only can be said through music.

Rune Glerup studied with Niels Rosing-Schow, Bent Sørensen and Hans Peter Stubbe Teglbjærg at the Royal Danish Academy of Music and with Walter Zimmerman in Berlin. In addition to this, he studied at IRCAM in Paris during 2010-2012.

His work has been awarded a number of grants, inter alia Léonie Sonning’s Music Fund Grant and work grants from the Danish Arts Foundation. His works have been played by Diotima Quartet, Ensemble Intercontemporain, The Danish National Symphony Orchestra, inter alia, the London Sinfonietta, Athelas Sinfonietta, Uusinta Ensemble, Curious Chamber Players, Ensemble Alternance, Ensemble Tm+, Esbjerg Ensemble, Contemporánea and Trio Gáman.

Selected works

Symphony (2016)

Clarinet Quintet (2014)

Piano Quartet (2013)

Objets/décalages (2006-2007)

Dust encapsulated #2 (2009)

Concerto for piano and orchestra (2009-10)


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Available Works

  1. En lille melodi

    2017 • Rune Glerup

    Educational Music

  2. En lille melodi

    2017 • Rune Glerup

    Educational Music

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