Great review of Rønsholdt's Archive

The album release of Niels Rønsholdt's 'Archive of Emotions and Experiences, Book1: Birds', has already received great reviews, and now Music Web International adds to the praise.

"This is an entrancing composition that casts an irresistible spell," the critic David McDade from Music Web International states. 

He underlines the prominence of the birdsong throughout the piece, that to his non-ornitological ear sounds real, but also writes that "as befits the dystopian archive project, this is, initially, a matter of fragments of mood and colour."

"Throughout, Rønsholdt captures the wonder of hearing birds sing. Like birdsong, the music is precise, fragile and yet brimming with vitality. When the final piece ends with a certain abruptness and without any ceremony, as if the archive recording had simply ended, I felt a real sadness and reached for the controls to play the whole thing again. It is the sadness of when a bird we have been listening to flies off out of earshot."

Photo from the premiere 
Photo from the premiere 

The critic praises the interpretation by the pianist Lenio Liatsou, who also premiered the piece when it was first performed live in 2019. "Lenio Liatsou is a suitably magical guide. She seems to inhabit the world of the piece to an uncanny degree. The birdsong is interpreted with a fluidity and conviction that it is hard not to hear real birds in her playing."

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