Great reviews for Rofelt's Dichotomy

Kasper Rofelt's portrait album 'Dichotomy' was released by Dacapo Records earlier this year and has been well received.

In the August issue of Gramophone, critic Andrew Mellor writes: 

"The Danish Chamber Players’ compendium of chamber works by Kasper Rofelt, Dichotomy, is a cleansing listen, full of the composer’s combination of shapely lyricism and ascetic argumentation, often thriving on a combination of opposites."

David Denton of Denton's Review Corner places Kasper Rofelt "At the cutting-edge of modernity among Danish composers," and concludes his review of Dichotomy: "A disc recorded last year that I will continue to explore with interest."

Dichotomy was recorded by Danish Chamber Players and released by Dacapo Records in April 2022. Find more information and listen to the album here >>

All works included on Dichotomy are published by Edition·S. Our catalogue holds a great selection of works by Rofelt - from solo pieces to orchestra works. Find all works by Kasper Rofelt here >>