Morten Ladehoff - New Edition·S composer

We are very happy to announce that Morten Ladehoff is now represented by Edition·S.

Photo: Kari Winther

Morten Ladehoff (1978) completed his composition studies in 2007 and since then ensembles like Athelas Sinfonietta, Ensemble Ernst and Plus-Minus Ensemble have commissioned and premiered his works.

Ladehoff presents an entirely new look on tradition. He deconstructs instruments and the way we typically use them: a violin is separated and used to create new instruments; a soprano recorder is split into four pieces and subjected to live electronics. By combining complex polymetric textures and intense repetitions he creates a musical universe, which incorporates mechanical expressions, deconstruction and autonomous processes. The resulting sounds and sonic structures are energetic, challenging and fluid.

The next chance for a live experience of Morten Ladehoff's music is at the opening concert of this year's KLANG festival. Here Athelas Sinfonietta Copenhagen will premiere a new piece by Ladehoff: 'AUTOMATERIA'.

About the title of this work - combining the words auto and matter Morten Ladehoff says: "I try to compose a kind of illusion of the music as creating itself. I've used a technique - a sort of causality - where an impulse in the music starts a reaction."

See Athelas' interview with Morten Ladehoff here. 

The concert takes place 29 May, 8 pm in Dronningesalen, The Royal Danish Library in Copenhagen (DK). Read more.

Also at KLANG festival Morten Ladehoff himself and Christian Winther Christensen perform Ladehoff's 'Piece of Organ' for two organ players. This can be experienced 2 June, 4pm in Frederiksberg Church. Read more.