Morten Ladehoff represented in art exhibition

An art work by Morten Ladehoff has been selected for the censored autumn exhibition 'KE22' and is on display at Den Frie in Copenhagen until 20 November.

Ectoparasitism II is an installation consisting of a cello with attached electro-mechanical components. The cello is fully automated and programmed to play a half-hour thoroughly composed sequence of sound.

As in nature, where a host becomes possessed by parasites, the cello here has been possessed by mechanics and electronics that take over and distort the instrument weighed down by old demeanors. New sounds and associations arise.

Morten Ladehoff's work is exhibited at Den Frie Udstillingsbygning in Copenhagen in the group exhibition Kunsternes Efterårsudstilling, KE22 until 20 November.

The Artists' Autumn Exhibition was established in 1900 as an alternative to Charlottenborg's Spring Exhibition, which at the time only accepted works from academy students. Since 1900, the Artists' Autumn Exhibition has been a democratic institution and a door-opener to the professional art world.

The censors for the exhibition in 2022 were Adam Christensen, Siska Katrine Jørgensen, Heine Kjærgaard Klausen, Christian Schmidt-Rasmussen og Tone Bonnén.

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Morten Ladehoff: <i>Ectoparasitism II</i> 
Morten Ladehoff: Ectoparasitism II