Significant work grants for Edition·S composers

This year's work grants from the Danish Arts Foundation include a large DKK 250.000 grant for Christian Winther Christensen.

 Photo: Mette Kramer Kristensen

Each year the Danish Arts Foundation provides work grants for a selection of the best and most promising artists in Denmark. This year 239 composers have received grants of amounts between DKK 40.000 and DKK 250.000 included in this are several Edition·S composers. 

Christian Winther Christensen is one out of five applicants who receives the largest grant, and the grant committee motivates the choice of Winther Christensen:

“Christian Winther Christensen continues to make his mark as one of the most outstanding composers of his generation. The imaginative work with the instruments and surprising joggling with echoes from the history of music, one finds in his works has aroused interest also outside of Denmark, where the best international ensembles perform his music."

 Other Edition·S composers provided with the Danish Arts Foundations grants 2018 are

Ylva Lund Bergner
Jeppe Just Christensen
Rune Glerup
Jexper Holmen
Ejnar Kanding
Jesper Koch
Morten Ladehoff
Simon Løffler
Niels Lyhne Løkkegaard
Mette Nielsen
Thomas Agerfeldt Olesen
Morten Olsen 
Lasse Schwanenflügel Piasecki
Steingrimur Rohloff
Niels Rønsholdt
Martin Stauning
Nicolai Worsaae

See the list of all recipients here.