Suså Festival 2013

In one week the annual music festival Suså Festival begins and this year the festival opens a window to Greece.

In 2013 it is exactly 20 years ago that the Suså hosted the very first festival and 31 contemporary composers, who will paint a picture of today’s music, celebrate this. In 2006 the festival started opening windows to different countries and this year the country is Greece. The prestigious ensemble Ergon Ensemble from Athen performs a concert with Greek composers exclusively. In addition to that, three other concerts present Greek works. Amongst those is Edition·S – music¬sound¬art colleague Christos Farmakis.

On the opening day, Friday August 30, 2013 at 4 pm, the always-entertaining composer collective DYGONG will kick off the three late summer days of music with a concert called “Under the Water”. The concert includes the five works that can be found on the DYGONG “The E·Sessions” CD released in December 2011. The works are: Nicolai Worsaae’s Du Hast Gesagt, Simon Løffler’s September 08 and Graduale, Regin Petersen’s Uden Ord and Christian Winther Christensen’s Being Apu Sarkar.

The composer collective has been busy lately as they have toured Montenegro and performed at the Danish Nakkefestival. Now it is Suså’s turn to experience the extravagant group of young composers and audiences are guaranteed a unique performance.

CDs are sold at the event.