Upcoming Winther Christensen album

The Austrian record label col legno will release an album in February consisting of works by Christian Winther Christensen, performed by the ensemble SCENATET.

Photo: Mette Kramer Kristensen
”A distinctive language, an original tone, a unique voice – all these phenomena are rarely experienced as convincingly as in Christian Winther Christensen’s music.” Such are the opening words in the editor’s note for the album 'Almost in G' which will be released on 15 February.

The record label col legno is dedicated to outstanding contemporary music and the visions of those who make it, and the editor’s note continue:

“Earlier periods may flicker up once in a while, yet this music is fundamentally and radically of the 21st century. Yes, these are classical instruments. And yes, this is New Music. But the familiar elements are assembled and rearranged in ways that make you want to listen to this music again and again, wherever you are, whatever you’re doing.” 

The album contains the pieces 'Almost in G', 'Sextet', 'Chorale', 'String Trio', 'Nachtmusik', 'Being Apu Sarkar' and 'Four Hyper-Realistic Songs'.

On his first encounter with the album, radio maker Peter Meanwell, noted: “... within this music is an obsession with the detail of being human. The peculiarities that make us unique, the infirmities that construct character. It is the embrace of the everyday...”

Even though the album will not be released until 15 February you can already pre-order now at col legno’s website, where you can also read the full review by Peter Meanwell as well as Christian Winther Christensen’s own notes on the music, and listen to excerpts from the album.

Find it all here.