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Work Grants from the Danish Arts Foundation 2023

The Danish Arts Foundation has given out 224 work grants to composers, songwriters and sound artists.

The committee states that this year's recipients are characterized by diverse expressions, identity and sensuousness. 

"It is our impression that the artists who have applied this time intend to create and share art that is sensual; a sensuality that can possibly be perceived as the opposite of an otherwise cold and impersonal society surrounding us. A sensuality that creates identity both inside and out. A sensuality that expresses a vulnerability, which is the basic condition of the artist and the human being," the committee writes in the press release announcing the 224 work grant recipients.

Photo: Kåre Viemose
Photo: Kåre Viemose

Among the recipients are a great number of composers that Edition·S publish works by, including Line Tjørnhøj, who is featured in the statement from the Danish Arts Foundation. 

"For Tjørnhøj, the human voice is fundamental to her sound universe, with the voice's ability to convey text, to access our ears and emotional register," the committee writes and continues: "In her works, she therefore often works with extended vocal techniques and explores the beauty and soothing qualities of the voice. The opera genre and the music-dramatic expression have played a large role in Tjørnhøj's work, often in cross-aesthetic, conceptual and audience-involving formats. All elements of a performance - the notes, the choreography and the lighting - are inseparable and part of the musical composition, which is often developed in close collaboration with the performers."

Find the full list of composers receiving work grants from the Danish Arts Foundation here.