World Premiere · Fuzzy · Underjordiske klange og tilstande

Monday, October 7th the world premiere of Fuzzy's work 'Underground tones and states' will be performed by brass and percussionists of Copenhagen Phil, computer, and 14 speakers in Cisternerne, Frederiksberg (DK)

Fuzzy · Photo by Lars Svankjær

Monday, October 7th the world premiere of Fuzzy's work Underground tones and states (Underjordiske klange og tilstande) will be performed in Cisternerne, Frederiksberg (DK) by brass and percussionists of Copenhagen Phil, computer, and 14 speakers. The piece is 20 minutes and will be performed three times that evening, at 7, 8, and 9 pm. The concert is part of Strøm Festival and collaboration between Copenhagen Phil, Frederiksbergmuseerne, and Edition·S.

It will be a special experience in the cisterns underneath the park, Søndermarken, as Copenhagen Phil invites you to an extraordinary musically and artistic experience of sound, light show, pictures, and music. Fuzzy highlights, that the piece is experienced as a state. Thus it is not a traditional concert, where one sits down quietly in one place, but an experience of the piece in a room, one can walk around in. Underground tones and states is created for the cisterns, a former water reservoir with high humidity and a magnificent acoustic, having a resonance of 17 seconds. In his own words, the composer describes the work as:

“… a changeable world of sounds, one can move in and out of, and where one's experience of the piece is in constant change because you don't stand still in one place as you are in movement."

The concert is established in continuation of Fuzzy's 80th birthday earlier this year. During his carrier, Fuzzy has inspired, surprised, and entertained several generations of music loving Danes. He is a multi facetted composer, whose work touches upon many genres from chamber-, to electronic music, theatre, TV etc. But first and foremost it is as an orchestral composer he has made his mark. Fuzzy's openness and curiosity of new tones, which is reflected in the concert, are expressions of the composer's excitement over unique, acoustic spaces.

Underground tones and states will be published by Edition·S. Read about the composer here, and view his works here