An anthology of 56 Danish songs with scores, IPA transcriptions, translations (lyric and word-to-word), and portraits of the composers will be available from Edition·S in May 2023.

The anthology is edited by Eva Hess Thaysen, Ruben Schachtenhaufen, and Christen Stubbe Teglbjærg.

It is supported by The Royal Danish Academy of Music, The Danish Ministry of Culture, and The A.P. Møller Foundation as part of the MusiPæd project.

Along with the publication, a digital media platform will be launched containing diction instructions and musical recordings that guide the user in mastering the rich Danish song repertoire. The publication is the first comprehensive edition of Danish songs with IPA transcriptions written directly into the scores. It covers the period from Weyse to Nielsen and will be followed by a publication of songs from Langgaard to the present.

The following link provides an example of the tools that are available through the digital platform.