Jørgen Lekfeldt


Jørgen Lekfeldt got a cand.phil in musicology from the University of Copenhagen in 1981 and a Ph.D. in theology in 1990 and worked for some years as a priest. As a composer he is autodidact and in 1974 he was co-founder of the composer group Gruppen for Intuitiv Musik ("the group for intutive music") together with Elisabeth Klein. He is still a member of the group, which has performed numerous times both nationally and internationally, often with Lekfeldt's compositions on the programme. These compositions are written with words, graphic notations and various symbols. In addition to that he has also composed "normal" notated works for orchestras and chamber ensembles.

Available Works

  1. Spejllabyrint

    1997 • Jørgen Lekfeldt

    Open Instrumentation

    ad lib. ensemble

  2. Musik for 3 eller flere

    1979 • Jørgen Lekfeldt

    Open Instrumentation

    For at least 3 musicians/singers

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