Open Form Festival

Saturday May 15 Open Form Festival invites audiences to experience an afternoon and evening of improvised music performed by the finest Danish and international musicians – amongst these are the Copenhagen based ensemble 4 elements and the two Austrian musicians Manon Liu Winter and Franz Hautzinger.

Free improvisation is a music that does not follow any rules other than the ideas and preferences that the musicians are affected by during the concert. On the other hand the genre is also a playground for the composers, who compose works based on open notation forms, where it is up to the musicians to interpret the ”notes”.

In addition to presenting works within this genre Open Form 2013 focuses on highlighting the creatives processes that happen when the music is performed.

Musician and composer Morten Carlsen has in this connection designed an app, where the various musicians and elements of the music are visualised with colours and shapes in movement. In addition to this, choreographer Bo Madvig has been invited to make the music “bodily”.

Open Form also invites to workshops with the two Austrian musicians – Friday June 14 at 3-6 pm and Sunday June 16 at 12-3 pm.

On the concert programme are:
Henrik E. Rasmussen's Pausespiraler (1997)
Jørgen Plaetner's Skovsnegl from Improvisationskalender (1996)
Jørgen Lekfeldt's Spejllabyrint (1997)
Ivan Vincze's Sommerschaukel und Sprünge (1996)
Regin Petersen's Shapes and Sizes from Intuitive Sketches (2011) 

Participating artists: Manon Liu Winter, Franz Hautzinger, 4 Elements, Morten Carlsen, and more.
Concerts: Saturday June 15, at 5-10.30 pm.
Opportunity for purchasing food from 7-8.30 pm
Entrance fee: 80 DKkr.
Place: Koncertkirken, Blågårds Plads, DK-2200 Kbh. N
Open Form Festival is arranged by Edition·S composer Carl Bergstrøm-Nielsen. 


o   p   e   n   f   o   r   m

     FESTIVAL 2013