Text & Graphix mini-exhibition open now

Copenhagen · A Text & Graphix mini-exhibition curated by Carl Bergstrøm-Nielsen is open through August this year.

Graphic and other forms of new notation propose a workshop-like approach to rehearsing instead of the sight-reading practise. They allow ensembles (and soloists) to find their own, non-standardised sounds and rhythms, to perhaps explore new aspects of their instruments. Or to just play your own way.

Publishing text & graphic scores, Edition Text & Graphix is one of the very few existing publishers' series of its kind on a world basis.

During the next three months visitors at the music library at the Royal Danish Academy of Music in Copenhagen can catch a glimpse of the graphic scores published by Edition·S.

Composer and music therapist Carl Bergstrøm-Nielsen has curated a mini-exhibition open to the public, which features text & graphic scores by composers such as Irene Becker, Henrik Ehland Rasmussen, Laura Toxværd and Jørgen Plaetner.

Text & Graphix mini-exhibition | May-August, 2017
The Music Library at the Royal Danish Academy of Music
Rosenørns Allé 22, Frederiksberg C
Opening hours: weekdays 10:00-15:00
Free entrance