Works for String Quartets

The classical string quartet is a constant in Western classical music, but has over time taken on different shapes and colors, it  has been turned upside down and reinterpreted again and again.

Edition·S' oldest string quartet is written by Friedrich Kuhlau in 1831 and is one of the treasures of Edition·S' elder catalogue among works by Nancy Dalberg, Peter Heise, Emil Hartmann and Knudåge Riisager, while the latest arrivals are quartets as Geteilten Seiten (2022) by Jeppe Just Christensen, Apart (2021) by Mette Nielsen, TRÆK (2019) by Matias Vestergård, Simon Christensen's ECSTASIS (2020) and Niels Rønsholt's Centalog (2021).

We have made a collection of the rich catalogue of string quartets from Edition·S.