20 Sange til tekster af Ludvig Holstein

Paul von Klenau
Ludvig Holstein
Voice and piano
Voice + piano
A4, 70 pages

The songs are part of the comprehensive Collection of Klenau Manuscripts which was bought by The Royal Library from a private owner in Vienna in 2005. Two manuscripts hold the songs: an autograph manuscript with music and text of the first stanza of each song, including rhythmic and melodic variants for the other stanzas where relevant, and a transcript copy of the songs including all stanzas.

All the texts are taken from Ludvig Holstein’s collection, Digte (Poems), which was published in 1895. Klenau’s songs were never printed, but the fact that the names of singers and indication of transpositions have been added to some of them indicates public performances of the songs in question.

It appears from sketches and drafts in the autograph manuscript that Klenau himself later wrote new texts to the music, which he had already written for six of the Holstein songs.

These six songs (with Klenau’s new texts) were published around 1942 as Seks Solsange (Six Songs to the Sun) by the music publishers Engstrøm & Sødring AS without plate numbers.

Ludvig Holstein’s Digte of 1895 had already aroused the interest of the young Carl Nielsen who wrote six art songs to texts from this collection which were premiered as a whole in 1898.

The songs are published by the Danish Centre for Music Publication of the Royal Library in cooperation with Edition·S – music¬sound¬art.


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