Uld - kammeropera

Ceremoni for 3 sangere og ensemble
Soprano, Mezzo-soprano, Alto solo + perc/arpa/
Music drama and stage music

In Wool we meet three generations of women, the grandmother, the mother and the daughter. The mother is an artist. She is absorbed in her work, creating large objects of wool and other soft materials. The daughter admires her mother, she loves her immensely and calls for her love. The grandmother looks after the girl; she is cleaning the house preparing everything for the annual visit of the mother's lover.

The doorbell rings. The grandmother refuses to hear it. The mother works. The daughter is unable to open, kept back by the grandmother. The bell stops. The grandmother is left in her bitterness, the mothers is left with her dreams. The daughter for a short moment hopes for, the mother's attention, but in vain. Everything remains unchanged.

Stylization is a keyword in this opera. The text interlocks three monologues with continual repetitions, and the music is composed in "archetypical ritornello form", thus making the story more a ritual the annual sacrifice of the possibility of love than a family drama.

OTHER WORKS BY Svend Hvidtfelt Nielsen



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