Sonate F-Dur, op. 79, nr. 1

Friedrich Kuhlau
Violin & piano
2-8 instr
A4, 21 pages


Kuhlau’s three Violin Sonatas op. 79 are truly charming music; short but very well-proportioned works. The first sonata, in F major, begins the cycle in pastoral style. It sets the standard with a compact, but perfectly worked-out first movement; harmonious and amiable music that lives up to the designation Allegro gustoso, “tastefully, agreeably fast”. The second movement is very short, almost a romance, while the final movement is a playful rondo. 

The three individual sonatas of op. 79 can also be purchased together at a discounted price of DKK 500 incl. VAT for scores and parts (save DKK 127.50)
Sonatas for Violin and Piano op. 79 no. 1-3



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