1. Celebrating Poul Rovsing Olsen


    Celebrating Poul Rovsing Olsen

    10. August 2022

    On November 4, 2022, Poul Rovsing Olsen (1922-1982) would have turned 100. This is celebrated by the Danish music community with a series of performances in late summer and autumn.

  2. Ejnar Kanding: Garden of Gethsemane


    Ejnar Kanding: Garden of Gethsemane

    28. July 2022

    A new release by Ejnar Kanding is now available for streaming: 'Garden of Gethsemane' written for bass clarinet, cello and piano

  3. Pernille Louise Sejlund composer-in-residence


    Pernille Louise Sejlund composer-in-residence

    25. July 2022

    Pernille Louise Sejlund is composer-in-residence at the very first edition of Svanekegaarden Cello Festival taking place 19-21 August 2022.

  4. Allan Gravgaard Madsen Concert Grosso video


    Allan Gravgaard Madsen Concert Grosso video

    10. July 2022

    In May 2022 JACK Quartet, Aarhus Symphony Orchestra and Ryan Bancroft premiered Allan Gravgaard Madsen’s Concerto Grosso. Watch a short video to learn more about the work and watch the entire performance right here.

  5. Matias Vestergård world premiere


    Matias Vestergård world premiere

    8. July 2022

    Matias Vestergård's new work IMMACULATE HEART is premiered at Festival & Friends in Copenhagen, Saturday 23 July.

  6. Save the date!


    Save the date!

    7. July 2022

    Summer is upon us and the holiday destinations are calling, but before the calendar is put away, save a few dates in august and september. There is plenty of new music to look forward to, and we have listed some of the noteworthy premieres.

  7. Summer at Edition·S


    Summer at Edition·S

    4. July 2022

    The Edition·S office will be closed for the summer 9-31 July. During the same period, there will be a longer processing time for orders in our webshop.

  8. Mette Nielsen World Premiere


    Mette Nielsen World Premiere

    27. June 2022

    Mette Nielsen's new work 'Tidlig solopgang' (Early Sunrise) is premiered by The Danish National Vocal Ensemble 29 June.

  9. Martin Stauning 40 years today


    Martin Stauning 40 years today

    23. June 2022

    "It is important to me that you are touched. Music is not only something to reflect on, music should also move you," Martin Stauning has stated. His own music is known for being intense and evocative. Today, 24 June, he turns 40.

  10. Hans-Henrik Nordstrøm 75 years


    Hans-Henrik Nordstrøm 75 years

    23. June 2022

    Hans-Henrik Nordstrøm started composing at the age of 12. His 75th birthday is celebrated on 25 June with a concert in Copenhagen, presenting no less than 3 world premieres.

  11. Birgitte Alsted 80 years today


    Birgitte Alsted 80 years today

    15. June 2022

    Throughout her career as a composer, Birgitte Alsted has maintained her curiosity and desire to experiment. Today, June 15, is Birgitte Alsted’s 80th birthday.

  12. Kasper Rofelt World Premiere


    Kasper Rofelt World Premiere

    14. June 2022

    Kasper Rofelt's new organ work 'Trichotomy' is premiered at KLANG Festival Thursday 16 June at a concert celebrating Per Nørgård's 90th birthday. We asked the composer a couple a questions about the work.

  13. Simon Steen-Andersen: Danish premiere of Walk the Walk


    Simon Steen-Andersen: Danish premiere of Walk the Walk

    10. June 2022

    Simon Steen-Andersen’s Walk the Walk is performed for the first time in Denmark, when Ensemble This Ensemble That takes the stage in Takkelloftet at the Royal Danish Opera in Copenhagen at KLANG Festival with performances on June 17th and 18th.

  14. Thomas Agerfeldt Olesen World premiere


    Thomas Agerfeldt Olesen World premiere

    10. June 2022

    Thomas Agerfeldt Olesen has written Piano Sonata for the acclaimed British pianist, Rolf Hind. We asked the composer a few questions about the piece which will be premiered at KLANG Festival Thursday 16 June.

  15. Line Tjørnhøj World premiere


    Line Tjørnhøj World premiere

    9. June 2022

    Tjørnhøj's SPRING is at once a work of sound art, a musical drama, a ritual feast, an act of activism, a virtual 3D experience, an NFT, a tribute to nature and a portrait of Secretary-General of DanChurchAid, Birgitte Qvist-Sørensen.

  16. Educate·S at KLANG festival


    Educate·S at KLANG festival

    9. June 2022

    Traditionen tro danner årets KLANG i KU.BE rammen om en koncert, hvor unge musikere opfører værker fra nodeserien Educate·S. Læs eller genlæs vores interview med initiativtageren til serien, komponist og underviser Østen Mikal Ore.

  17. James Black: 'Colossi'


    James Black: 'Colossi'

    7. June 2022

    James Black's work Colossi will be performed by Duo Dan/Nie at KLANG Festival 2022. We asked the composer a few questions about the work.

  18. Edition·S at KLANG Festival


    Edition·S at KLANG Festival

    7. June 2022

    KLANG Festival 2022 takes place in Copenhagen 9-18 June. The programme overflows with works by composers collaborating with Edition·S.