1. Closed for Easter


    Closed for Easter

    25. March 2021

    The office and the webshop will be closed from Saturday 27 March to Monday 5 April - both days included.Please note, that since the purchase of PDF-files are also handled manually, orders of PDF-files will not be sent until Tuesday 6 April.

  2. Album release · Lars Hegaard


    Album release · Lars Hegaard

    18. March 2021

    Album release · Lars Hegaard

  3. Interview · Simon Løffler


    Interview · Simon Løffler

    14. March 2021

    Interview · Simon Løffler

  4. Music video · Bára Gísladóttir


    Music video · Bára Gísladóttir

    12. March 2021

    Music video · Bára Gísladóttir

  5. Edition·S will publish works by Pernille Louise Sejlund


    Edition·S will publish works by Pernille Louise Sejlund

    9. March 2021

    Widely recognised for her engaging and highly imaginative compositional voice, Pernille Louise Sejlund (b. 1979) continues to push musical boundaries while staying playful, open and versatile. 

  6. Female composers at Edition·S


    Female composers at Edition·S

    8. March 2021

    Edition·S is proud to represent works by a number of great female composers spanning close to two centuries. Click the names below to find works published by each composer.

  7. Video release · Jeppe Ernst


    Video release · Jeppe Ernst

    5. March 2021

    NJYD performing Præludium (Aftensange) på Jeppe Ernst. Video production by Klavs Kehlet

  8. Score Follower · Bára Gísladóttir


    Score Follower · Bára Gísladóttir

    4. March 2021

    Music video · Bára Gísladóttir

  9. Music Chat · Knudåge Riisager


    Music Chat · Knudåge Riisager

    18. February 2021

    The pronunciation of the Danish name with the tricky letter å is no obstacle for David Hurwitz, Executive Editor of the American online music journal ClassicsToday. Quite the opposite.

  10. Album release · Ejnar Kanding


    Album release · Ejnar Kanding

    17. February 2021

    Music video · Bára Gísladóttir

  11. Composer-in-residence · Simon Steen-Andersen


    Composer-in-residence · Simon Steen-Andersen

    3. February 2021

    Black Box Music (Photo Daniel Pufe)Finland's largest contemporary music festival, Musica nova, aims to present the very latest in music and contemporary classics.

  12. World premiere · Matias Vestergård Hansen


    World premiere · Matias Vestergård Hansen

    2. February 2021

    ECLAT Festival Neue Musik Stuttgart takes place 3-7 February in a so-called hybrid version with live concerts available for online streaming.

  13. Digital Concert Series


    Digital Concert Series

    1. February 2021

    #20 · Simon Steen-Andersen: TRIO

  14. Edition·S celebrates 150 years anniversary


    Edition·S celebrates 150 years anniversary

    29. January 2021

  15. New publications · Jeppe Ernst


    New publications · Jeppe Ernst

    25. January 2021

    With his radically reduced works, Jeppe Ernst fundamentally questions our traditional ways of thinking about music. The published works include many where some of the most basic musical parameters are, e.g. audible sound, are left out.

  16. Album release · James Black


    Album release · James Black

    22. January 2021

    ‘I do believe music can have positive effects on your life’, James Black told the Danish music journal Seismograf in 2018; ‘if nothing else, it will get you out of the house’.

  17. Album release · Simon Steen-Andersen


    Album release · Simon Steen-Andersen

    18. January 2021

    Francesco Palmieri

  18. Album release · Timothy Baxter


    Album release · Timothy Baxter

    15. January 2021

    Timothy Baxter album cover The pieces featured on the album represent more than five decades in Timothy Baxter’s oeuvre, and the album represents a great variety of international musicians and ensembles.