1. Winther Christensen and Rohloff at Ultraschall Berlin


    Winther Christensen and Rohloff at Ultraschall Berlin

    13. January 2022

    Christian Winther Christensen and Steingrímur Rohloff are both represented at the contemporary music festival Ultraschall Berlin, which takes place 19-23 January.

  2. Upcoming performances 2022


    Upcoming performances 2022

    12. January 2022

    The new music scene is more than ready for a new year filled with live concerts, and luckily there are numerous performances to look forward to in the Edition·S calendar.

  3. Upcoming recording of Else Marie Pade's orchestral works


    Upcoming recording of Else Marie Pade's orchestral works

    6. January 2022

    In 2022 a new album will be released, presenting orchestral works by Else Marie Pade and demonstrating how the visionary composer was more than 50 years ahead of her time.

  4. SWR2 Jetztmusik highlights Rønsholdt and Steen-Andersen


    SWR2 Jetztmusik highlights Rønsholdt and Steen-Andersen

    3. January 2022

    SWR2 Jetztmusik includes works by Niels Rønsholdt and Simon Steen-Andersen in their list of musical highlights of 2021.

  5. Steingrímur Rohloff 50 years


    Steingrímur Rohloff 50 years

    28. December 2021

    A crystal clear musical expression and an ability to portray emotional extremities are fundamental elements in the success of Steingrímur Rohloff. On December 29, 2021, the Danish-based cosmopolitan turns 50.

  6. Looking back on 2021


    Looking back on 2021

    20. December 2021

    Edition·S looks back on 2021, a year filled with festivals, world premieres and new releases despite the cancellations and challenges due to the covid-19 pandemic.

  7. Gísladóttir receives Gladsaxe Music Prize

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    Gísladóttir receives Gladsaxe Music Prize

    15. December 2021

    Every year, Gladsaxe Municipality awards a prize to a young, performing musician who has manifested considerable talent. In 2022, the award goes to the Danish-based Icelandic composer and double bassist Bára Gísladóttir.

  8. Bára Gísladóttir World Premiere


    Bára Gísladóttir World Premiere

    15. December 2021

    The Danish National Vocal Ensemble performs Bára Gísladóttir's NĀT at three Christmas concerts together with the composer herself as double bass soloist.

  9. Piano Concertos in radio feature


    Piano Concertos in radio feature

    8. December 2021

    In a radio feature with the title 'Virtuoso Destructions', SWR2 Jetztmusik take a close look at contemporary piano concertos including works by Winther Christensen and Steen-Andersen.

  10. Save 25% on piano music


    Save 25% on piano music

    8. December 2021

    We are currently offering a 25% discount on selected works for piano solo.

  11. Performance of Gunnar Berg's Gafky's


    Performance of Gunnar Berg's Gafky's

    7. December 2021

    On December 13, Gunnar Berg's Gaffky's is performed in KoncertKirken in Copenhagen celebrating Beatrice Berg's would be 100th birthday.

  12. Great review for Gísladóttir


    Great review for Gísladóttir

    3. December 2021

    "Everything about it was elemental, eternal, indomitable." - The music blog 5:4 reviews Bára Gísladóttir's 'Animals of your pasture'.

  13. Praise for Rønsholdt


    Praise for Rønsholdt

    29. November 2021

    Two Niels Rønsholdt albums were released in November just one week apart, and as different as they are, both albums are receiving great reviews

  14. Musikalske aftryk - Ingeborg Okkels


    Musikalske aftryk - Ingeborg Okkels

    25. November 2021

    Ingeborg Okkels wrote the chapter about graphic notation in the book 'Musikalske aftryk' and in this video she speaks about the "Zen moment" in graphic notation.

  15. Evagoras Apokidis World Premiere


    Evagoras Apokidis World Premiere

    24. November 2021

    Evagoras Solias Apokidis' work Morphes is premiered by the RDAM Symphony Orchestra conducted by Thomas Søndergård on 26 November at the RDAM Annual Gala Concert.

  16. Simon Christensen: KNOH!


    Simon Christensen: KNOH!

    18. November 2021

    Duo KlettWood premieres a new piece by Simon Christensen on 21 November

  17. Niels Rønsholdt Country Album


    Niels Rønsholdt Country Album

    18. November 2021

    With 'Country', Niels Rønsholdt reimages the country genre as a concerto for singing solo cellist and chamber orchestra. On Friday 15 November the work is released as an album.

  18. Niels Rønsholdt Album Release


    Niels Rønsholdt Album Release

    11. November 2021

    Niels Rønsholdt's solo piano piece Archive of Emotions and Experiences, Book 1: Birds, is released at Dacapo Records on Friday 12 November. The work is recorded by the Greek pianist Lenio Liatsou.